School Hours: 8:45 – 2:15

Befor you come to school each day, please complete the health screening here:

Arrival and DISMISSAL:

Grades Pre K – 2nd will be dropped off and picked up from the school yard (Sol lain park)

Grades 3-5 will be dropped off and picked up from the front entrance of the building

PS 134’s mission is to create an innovative, progressive, and inclusive space for all children to grow and learn.  The PS 134 community sees each child as an individual.  We are committed to leveraging each child’s current strengths and interests to expand on their beauty and talent.
We are dedicated to creating a healthy and nurturing learning environment that fosters empathy, joy, creativity, inclusion, and acceptance.  We are committed to designing learning experiences, which expose students to 21stcentury skills that include innovation, collaboration, leadership, and problem-solving.
We are devoted to incorporating the thoughts and ideas of our families to provide excellence in what we proudly do each and every day.  We believe that investing in children not only transforms lives but can change the world.