P.S. 134 serves students in grades PreK to 5.  The school has a current enrollment of 200 students, with 1 to 2 classes per grade and three self-contained bridge classes.  P.S. 134 believes in inclusion and offers one Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) class in each grade from K-4 and double ICT classes in grade 5.  The average class size in the primary grades is 20; in the upper elementary grades, 25.  Robert Perales was appointed the new principal in the fall of 2018.

Teachers utilize the Teachers College curriculum to drive reading and writing instruction.  Fundations is the core word study program, which provides a multi-sensory approach to learning letters and sounds. Students have an opportunity to participate in whole group instruction, independent conferences, and small group work.  Through careful and regular assessments, students engage with books appropriate for their reading level–while teachers expose students to higher texts in order to increase their skills in decoding words and reading comprehension.

For math, teachers use the Math in Focus curricula.  Students have access to manipulatives in order to provide concrete ways to learn abstract math concepts.  In a risk-free environment, students engage in mathematical discussions where they can share their thinking and listen to multiple perspectives.    In addition to verbalizing their ideas, students learn how to record and represent their thinking in clear and efficient ways.  Teachers introduce students to different strategies and math tools to support their problem solving.


Students have three enrichment classes each week: Physical Education, Science, and Art.  The Arts programs allow students to learn about theory and technique, while also providing an avenue for student creativity and imagination.  Science classes introduce students to high interest topics and provide a foundation for higher level critical thinking skills.

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